Macadâmes is a physical theatre group based in Paris, France. Using elements of mime, clowning, acrobatics, object manipulation, theatre, music, and dance the group presents


Primer II

Peter Holzhauer, Mulholland Bridge, Black-and-white photograph, 2011 One painter. One sculptor. One photographer.  One filmmaker. One designer… Primer ll focuses on artists who are part of


Keren Ann with Chris Garneau

Celebrated musician Keren Ann’s complex and delicate musical stylings are as unique and intriguing as her background. With roots that spread from Israel to France,


Ahn Trio

  Born in Seoul, Korea and educated at Juilliard in New York City, the Ahn Trio constantly redefines the art and architecture of chamber music,



  BODYTRAFFIC is a repertory dance company based in Los Angeles that serves as a vehicle for dancers, choreographers, visual artists, composers and musicians, providing


Nortec Collective

  Comprised of a talented team of producers who fuse traditional Mexican music with contemporary electronica, the Nortec Collective is one of the hottest musical


Angélique Kidjo

Time Magazine has called Angélique Kidjo “Africa’s premier diva”. As one of the continent’s most internationally celebrated female musical exponent, she is a powerful singer


Beijing Ldtx

Under the artistic direction of Willy Tsao, China’s foremost figure in modern dance, and Deputy Artistic Director Li Hanzhong, the company boasts an ensemble of


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