Madeleine Peyroux

Madeleine Peyroux


Tickets on-sale September 15, 2023 at 7am PDT

French-American jazz songstress Madeleine Peyroux returns to the Luckman with her full arsenal of delicately sultry compositions and renditions. With hits such as Careless Love and Don’t Wait Too Long, Madeleine Peyroux has earned her spot amongst jazz/blues divas such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald – artists to whom she is often compared. 

Her unique interpretations of jazz standards and her heartfelt compositions and her sultry vocal style effortlessly weaves together elements of jazz, blues, folk, and pop, creating a distinct and timeless sound. Peyroux’s ability to evoke deep emotions through her nuanced performances has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted global following. Her musical artistry continues to captivate audiences, making her one of the prominent voices in contemporary jazz.

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