The Asian-American Film Festival is a celebration that showcases recent acclaimed films by American artists of Asian descent. Each film highlights current social and economic issues that are shown through the lens of Asian-American storytellers and with Asian-American casts at their helm.

Date: Monday, March 9, 2020

Time: 9:30AM – 5:30PM


9:30 am:
Fishbowl, directed by Kayo Hatto, 28 minutes.
13-year-old Lovey of Hilo, Hawaii, tries to be anything but herself. A comical coming-of-age tale based on Lois-Ann Yamanaka’s novel, ‘Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers.’
10:05 am:
The Motel, directed by Michael Kang, 75 minutes.
Thirteen-year-old Ernest Chin lives and works at an hourly-rate motel on a strip of desolate suburban bi-way. Misunderstood by his family and blindly careening into puberty, Ernest befriends Sam Kim, a self-destructive yet charismatic Korean man who has checked in. Sam teaches the fatherless boy all the rites of manhood.
12:30 pm:
Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings, directed by Tadashi Nakamura, 54mins
This intimate documentary gives viewers a singular glimpse into Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele virtuoso, but also Jake, the young boy who grew up in a modest apartment to a single mother and unsuspectingly rose to international stardom.
3:00 pm:
Fractured, directed by Arnold Chun, 14 mins
Danny Park is suffering from a mental illness. His parents are in denial about it. When the family finally comes to terms with taking action to help their child, it’s too late.
3:20 pm:
Monday, directed by Dinh Thai, 19 mins
In the culturally diverse world of Los Angeles, a young hustler navigates through various cliques while facing racism, danger and a moral struggle with his illicit occupation. And it’s only Monday.
4:00 pm:
Ms. Purple, directed by Justin Chon, 87 mins
A young woman who works as a karaoke hostess in Koreatown reconnects with her estranged brother in the final days of their father’s life.



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