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Primer II

Peter Holzhauer, Mulholland Bridge, Black-and-white photograph, 2011 One painter. One sculptor. One photographer.  One filmmaker. One designer… Primer ll focuses on artists who are part of

Support > System

Support > System

Support > System  features the work of contemporary artists Ringo Bunoan (Philippines), Koki Tanaka (Japan), and Zhou Tao (China). These artists imbue humble objects, public


Banquet of the Black Jackal

What happens when mankind ends? How will history, cultural objects, and relationships between the elements be remembered or reinterpreted? The artists in this exhibition tackle


Psychic Outlaws

Psychic Outlaws is an exhibition inspired by Annie Buckley’s novel of the same name. Nineteen contemporary artists from Los Angeles will be given a different


Primer I

One painter. One sculptor. One photographer…Primer focuses on promising artists who are part of Los Angeles’ vibrant art community, and provides a space for their


Counter Intelligence

Taking its name from Jonathan Gold’s Pulitzer Prize winning LA Weekly column, Counter Intelligence is an exhibition inspired by food. Consisting of sculpture, photography, video,


Invisible Body, Conspicuous Mind

15 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS FROM ROMANIA. How does a citizen suddenly become a physical non-entity? Invisible Bodies: Conspicuous Mind is an exhibit of contemporary Romanian art


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